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Privacy Policy


In accordance with Article 19 of the new Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP), we provide you with the necessary information regarding the processing of personal data collected during your experience on our website  

Privacy is important to us, and we are committed to being open and transparent at all times regarding how we process the data of our clients, suppliers, collaborators, and users who visit our website or who receive our communications.

This Privacy Policy explains what personal data we collect, why we collect it, and how we process it. We also explain how you can control, rectify, or remove personal data if you so wish.

We collect personal data to provide you with better services: for example, to optimize our services, to tailor our product offerings to your needs, and to personalize communication and offers to you. That way, you can find out what's most relevant to you and receive fewer ads.


The entity that determines the purposes and means of this processing of personal data is LFG+ZEST SA, a company incorporated under Swiss law with a registered office in Via F. Pelli 3 6900 Lugano, Switzerland (hereinafter also referred to as "LFG+ZEST" or "Data Controller" or "Company"). 

The contact details of the Data Controller are as


The personal data provided – or otherwise acquired in accordance with the legal and contractual provisions in force – inherent, connected, and/or instrumental to the evaluation of your experience on our site, will be processed following the FADP and confidentiality obligations.

Personal data: any information relating to an identified or identifiable person.

Data Subjects: natural or legal persons whose data are processed (hereinafter also referred to as "You").

Processing: any operation relating to personal data, regardless of the means and procedures adopted, and in particular the collection, storage, use, review, disclosure, archiving, or destruction of data.

Communication: i.e. making personal data accessible, for example by allowing access, transmission, or publication of personal data.






Activities that are strictly necessary for the user's navigation on this website and to check its correct functioning.

The data will be stored until the end of the browsing session.

For data processed with technical cookies, please consult our Cookie Policy (link)


Obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the site.

Cookie Policy (link)


Verify the requests received through the "Contacts" area or forms on this site.

The data will be stored for the time necessary to achieve the purpose and may be stored for up to 10 years if a contractual commercial relationship is established


Direct Marketing activities by automated means (sending newsletters via the Hubspot platform)

The data will be stored until the consent given is revoked


Sending your CV by e-mail ( or the dedicated area or dedicated form

Please request our Privacy Policy for Recruiting

            The processing will be carried out in automated and/or manual form, with methods and tools aimed at ensuring maximum security and confidentiality, by specially trained subjects. The personal data collected will be stored in a form that allows the identification of the data subjects for a period of time not exceeding the achievement of the purposes for which the personal data are processed.


We may share personal information with employees and/or personnel acting under the authority of the Data Controller (duly instructed to do so), as well as third parties bound to LFG+ZEST SA by contractual relationship, to fulfill contractual obligations and fulfill one or more of the aforementioned purposes of the processing. These third parties will process the data provided as data processors or independent data controllers.

Specifically, we may share the personal data we collect with the following categories of recipients:

a) entities that provide services related to the operation of this website, the IT system of LFG+ZEST SA, and telecommunications networks (e.g., hosting providers, webmasters);

b) assistance and consultancy companies

c) competent authorities for compliance with legal obligations and/or the provisions of public bodies, upon request;

d) group companies.


The site is based in Switzerland (hosting) and personal data is not disclosed outside the Swiss territory.

It should be noted that, if the disclosure of data outside Switzerland is envisaged, this will be done following the provisions of the FADP and the associated Ordinance on the following basis:

•          in the presence of adequate safeguards, in this case, contractual measures, aimed at ensuring adequate protection abroad;

•          the processing is directly related to the conclusion or performance of a contract and the data being processed relates to the other party;

•          The communication takes place within the same legal entity or company or between legal entities or companies under single management, provided that the issuer and the receiver comply with rules aimed at ensuring adequate data protection.


In accordance with the FADP, the Data Controller grants you, as a data subject, the following rights (non-exhaustive list):

●         obtain the rectification of inaccurate or outdated personal data;

●         be informed in writing and free of charge whether personal data concerning you are being processed;

●         revoke any consent to the processing of data that may have been previously provided;

●         prevent the disclosure of any sensitive personal data to third parties;

●         obtain portability of your personal data or request that it be transferred to a third party;

●         request the restriction or blocking of data processing, the prevention of the communication of data to third parties, or the rectification or destruction of personal data;

●         request the prohibition of a specific processing of personal data and a specific communication of personal data to third parties or the deletion or destruction of certain personal data;

●         if neither the correctness nor the inaccuracy of the personal data can be proved, request the addition of a note to indicate the dispute;

●         request that the rectification, destruction, blocking, especially communication to third parties, as well as the note on the objection or judgment be communicated to third parties or published;

●         have the processing of personal data declared unlawful.

You can exercise your rights under the nFADP by contacting the Data Controller at  For processing carried out with cookies and other similar technologies, please consult our Cookie Policy.


The Data Controller reserves the right to revise, update, add, or remove any part of this privacy policy at its discretion at any time. If there are any changes, the date of the update will be indicated.


This website uses cookies. 

We use cookies to personalize content and analyze our traffic.


The subject that determines the purposes and means of the processing is LFG+ZEST SA, a company incorporated under Swiss law with a registered office in Via F. Pelli 3 6900 Lugano, Switzerland (hereinafter also referred to as "LFG+ZEST" or the "Data Controller" or the "Company").

The Data Controller can be contacted at the following address:


Information that can identify you may be stored on your computer.

This information is referred to as a cookie.

These text files stored on your hard drive allow us to recognize you as a registered customer and make it easier for you to use our website. You can review and delete the cookies stored on your computer and generally control the relationship with cookies via the settings of your Internet browser.

Most browsers accept cookies by default.

You can, however, configure your browser so that it rejects cookies or requires prior confirmation from you. If you refuse cookies, you may not be able to use all the functions of our website to their full extent.

For more information about cookies, please visit

This cookie policy is linked to the privacy policy of our website, which can be consulted here above.

By applicable law, we may store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this website. In order to install all other types of cookies and process the personal data collected through them, we need your consent. Please note that, if provided, your consent applies to the following domain:

Closing the banner (by selecting the appropriate command marked by the X located inside it, at the top right) means that the default settings remain and therefore the continuation of navigation in the absence of cookies or other tracking tools other than technical ones.



Tracking of users' online browsing can also be carried out with technologies similar to cookies. Here are some examples.

Localstorage: it is a technology used to optimize browsing, which does not collect data on the preferences expressed by the user ( stores a code that identifies the user's session after login, to avoid the user having to enter username and password on each profile page when accessing restricted areas.

Tracking pixel:  "Tracking code" or "tracking code", is precisely a small portion of code that is released by some systems with the aim of being implemented in others to track some data relating to the user and his browsing session or opening of e-mails, in a totally transparent way to the user himself. The data that are tracked can be the most diverse, such as the day and time, the geographical location, the type of device adopted for navigation, up to the most complex tracking pixels to monitor the value spent on a purchase order and other useful information for the marketing departments of the companies that use them.

Plugin: it is a program that interacts with another program to expand or extend its original functionality. The most commonly used plugins are those of social networks, which allow the user to follow a page or a social profile with a click, to indicate with a click that he has liked a web content and to share it on his social network profile, etc.

Widget:  is a graphical user interface component of a program, which is intended to facilitate the user to interact with the program itself. The most commonly used widgets are those of social networks, which allow users to easily open social networks in a separate browser window.

These services allow you to interact with social networks, or other external platforms, directly from the pages of a site. Any interactions and information acquired by the site are subject to the privacy settings of the third party that created the aforementioned technologies. To receive detailed information pursuant to art. 13 of the Personal Data Protection Law, regarding the use of personal data processed when you use these technologies, we invite you to visit the websites of the third party managers of the aforementioned technologies



Remember that you can also manage your cookie preferences through your browser.

If you don't know the type and version of browser you're using, click on "Help" in the browser window at the top, where you can access all the necessary information. If, on the other hand, you know your browser, access the page dedicated to managing cookies.  Users can, for example, find information on how to manage Cookies in some of the most popular browsers at the following addresses.


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Google Chrome

Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge


Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch




The Data Controller reserves the right to revise, update, add or delete any part of this policy at its discretion and at any time. If there are any changes, the date of update will be indicated.




Update date 11/10/2023







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